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Your One-Stop Source For Gears

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Serving industries since 1929, TMS machine shop specializes in manufacturing gears for textile, paper, printing, packaging, and wire drawing industries and for gear box repairs.
TMS manufacturers spur, stub tooth, helical, herringbone, bevel, spiral bevel, worm, rack, pinion, internal, internal spline, and spline shaft gears. We also produce diametrical, circular and module pitches, as well as roller chain, mill chain, silent chair, and metric roller chain sprockets. TMS has complete in-house machining (CNC) including Cad Cam, on-site foundries for gray iron, ductile iron, steel and bronze castings.
TMS machine shop is a full service machine shop dedicated to excellence. The shop consistently produces high-quality products and service. We manufacture repair parts and OEM parts for the following industries: chemical, aluminum reduction, elevator, wood processing, steel, power generation, pulp and paper, pipe, mining, farm industry, truck and trailer accessories, transportation, all copper smelting and refining, textile, railroad, air pollution, material handling, construction equipment, and beverage. In addition to gears TMS produces susch parts as bearings, anvil cylinders, inspression cylinders, rubber covered rollers, die holders, machine frames, rechrome cylinder and rolls, belting and knives.

Buy your gears direct from the manufacturer.

Buy your gears direct from TMS and save money and time on your custom gear requirements.
We are a manufacturer of gears, castings, fabrications, and do CNC machining. We have 250 employees dedicated to serving the printing, paper, wire, power, textile, construction, and many other industries with their gear requirements.
All we need is a sample or a drawing to quote your request and a sales representative will get back with you as soon as possible.
Call us - e-mail us - fax us - and let us work with you for your gear needs.


List of Direct Gear Services  

  • Assembly
  • Broaching
  • Bushings
  • Centerless Grinding
  • Cnc Machining
  • Custom Made Gears
  • Cut-Teeth-Only
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Edm Machining
  • Gear Blanks
  • Gear Box Repairs
  • Timing Belt Pulleys
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Heat Treating
  • Inspection Reports
  • Involute Splines
  • Keyways
  • Large Gears
  • Made-To-Order Gears
  • Rack Gears
  • Metric Gears
  • Milling
  • Plastic Parts
  • Precision Parts
  • Proto-Type Parts
  • Quality Control
  • Screw Machine Parts
  • Slotting
  • Special Gears
  • Splined Shafts
  • Surface Grinding
  • Tooth Grinding
  • Tooth Hardening
  • Turned Blanks
  • DI Castings
  • Gray Iron Castings
  • Rack Gears
  • Aluminum Castings
  • Steel Castings

Lists of Gears Direct Products

We make our gears to your specifications -- Inch and Metric components.  

Gear Types:  

  • Spur & Change Gears 
  • Helicals & Herringbone 
  • Bevels & Miter Gears 
  • Spiral Bevels & Miters 
  • Internal Gears & Splines 
  • Worm Gears & Worms 
  • Gear Box Repairs 

Gear Materials:  

  • Aluminium Gears 
  • Brass Gears 
  • Bronze Gears 
  • Carbon Steel Gears 
  • Gray Iron Gears 
  • Delrin Gears 
  • Hardened Tooth Gears 
  • Nylon Gears 
  • Fiber Gears 
  • Steel Gears 

Gear Categories:  

  • Custom Gears
  • Gear Box Repair
  • Heat Treated Gears
  • Made-To-Order Gears
  • Metric Gears
  • Module Gears
  • Planetary Gears
  • Standard Gears

Other Toothed Products:  

  • Timing Belt Pulleys
  • ACME Screws
  • Rack & Pinions
  • Serrations
  • Splines
  • Sprockets

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